Healing Hawai`i One Step at a Time
Healing Hawai`i One Step at a Time

Community Activities

Friends of Ho`okena Beach Park                                                                                                    2008-Present

  • Friends of Ho`okena Beach Park is a non-profit.  It is located in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Friends of Ho`okena Beach Park was started in order to maintain/preserve the beach and provide people from the community with income.  The beach is very special to the Kama`aina due to the vast amount of family ties. Therefore, preservation of the beach and employment for people who come from Ho`okena is a must. 
    • Computer program maintenance
    • New employee interviews
    • Monthly meetings with employees
    • Office work: fax, copy, and papers
    • Record and count daily concession and camping earnings
    • Daily meetings with supervisor/administrator/owner
    • Monthly meetings

Board Member

Friends of Ho`okena Beach Park Non-Profit 5O1-C3, Kona, Hawaii                        

•             Developed a strategy to save money by hiring workers through See Hawai`i Work

•             Organized fundraiser; resulted in contributions of $2,500.00.

•             Established rules and regulations for renting equipment from concession

•             Currently a volunteer



Kona and Hilo, Hawai`i Medical Center (long-term care and oncology department)


•             Filed and organized patient charts

•             Provided patient care

•             Read and played games with patients

•             Shadowed Dr.Kevin Wilcox-Oncology                            January 2010-2011


Olelo No`eau

‘Ike aku, ‘ike mai. Kōkua aku, kōkua mai. Pēlā ka nohona ‘ohana.
Watch, observe. Help others and accept help. That is the family way.

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